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Triage injuries, track exercises, and consult with your personal physical therapist all in one app. It's free to use, and always will be.

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What is Rehabbit?

Rehabbit is a physical therapy app that patients can use for free to triage injuries, find exercises, and track progress. Patients can also find a physical therapist and consult with them directly through the platform. Calls take place virtually and start as low as $40 for 30 minutes.


Rehab starts now

Physical therapy is a proven and effective long-term intervention to physical pain and injury. Therapy is just exercise, and it's key to keep up to ensure the best long-term results.

Triage injuries

Rehabbit helps inform patients triage their own injuries with evidence-based evaluation models.

Find exercises

Our exercise library is free to use and created by licensed physical therapists. Find the right exercises for your plan of care

Track progress

Our app sends regular reminders to patients to keep up with their exercises and log their progress over time, making it easier to adhere to your rehab plan.


Talk to a physical therapist

Rehabbit makes it easy for patients to find, schedule, and consult with licensed physical therapists on our platform.

Schedule appointments

Book a therapist and get an evaluation in hours, not days. Appointments take place through Rehabbit's HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

Personalized plans

At the end of each consultation, your therapist will create a personalized rehab plan for you to follow. And you'll have access to it in the app, complete with images, videos, descriptions, logging and reminders

Universal access

Anyone can install Rehabbit and consult with a provider, regardless of insurance. Rehabbit breaks barriers by being virtual and cash-based.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rehabbit is a physical therapy platform that connects patients with providers. Our mission is to personalize care for patients and to build a sustainable model for providers.
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